Saturday, September 29, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolutions

-finally get some chickens for my chicken coop

-keep at least 5 friends from voting Democrat or Republican

-visit all of Superior's museums

-write at least one short story each season of the year

-set up a hanging garden in the back yard

-write at least one old fashioned letter to a friend each season

-no more socks, shoes, pants, underwear, shirts or coats with holes in them

-avoid microwaves, cell phones, plastic bags, plastic kitchenware and teflon

-get back on medication for my blood pressure

-get a television and stop spending so much money on books

-re-read the New Testament

-be better about answering the phone and returning messages (get over hatred of phones!)

-re-read Trotsky's "History of the Russian Revolution"

-try to keep the Northland Anti-War Coalition alive

-loose enough weight to not feel silly tucking in my work shirt

-grow at least 5% of the vegetables that I eat

-save 5% of each paycheck (and put it in a local credit union)

-never spend more than two hours a day on the internet

-try to cut out swearing

-stay off of caffeine, alcohol & drugs

-switch from pens to pencils

-go skinny dipping in Lake Superior (its been a while!)

-re-paint the Schraufnagel House

-get a copy of every Bruce Springsteen album from 1974-1987

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